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Hand In Hand

Montessori Preschool

Connecting with each child we nurture their spirit, inspire them to explore, and support their path to discovery. Consider joining the small community of families we work with and let your child experience our unique home and the individual and professional attention they deserve (6:1 Student:Teacher Ratio).



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We invite parents to come and visit to find out more about our program and how to apply. *To schedule a tour, please call us at
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Our Leopard Gecko.



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Interested in finding out more?

Call for a tour!

We invite parents to come and visit to find out more about our program and how to apply.
*To schedule a tour, please call us at (206) 789-1985
or Email Us

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One Student's Story

The Tale of the Snail

How Maggie found her way

Maggie was a quiet girl, often feeling lost and alone as the children played and worked together around her in our school. One day as she arrived at the gate, she discovered a snail slowing sliding it's way along the wooden fence. It too was all alone. Maggie picked up her new friend and gleefully shared her discovery with Gina, her teacher. A smile came across Maggie’s face as hand in hand they walked the snail inside. Her other teacher Erik, helped Maggie put together a new home for the snail and the children began to gather around. Erik & Gina saw the excitement in their eyes, and soon everything began to change. In the morning movement exercises the children slowly slid and stretched across the floor. During class time the children counted, drew and painted snails, learned the parts of the snail, and discovered how snails eat and live. It was amazing how Maggie's tiny new friend made such a huge difference in all their lives, and to make things even better, Maggie finally felt like she belonged.

Today Maggie still recalls preschool as a time when learning was fun and friends were all around!



Joyful, Social, & Meaningful

Our Philosophy

A unique Montessori approach

To develop each child's sense of wonder and love of learning, we encourage them to explore, to question, and to create within a unique Montessori based family atmosphere that speaks to each child’s developmental needs. We offer a multi-aged classroom in which children are free to explore and develop at their own individual pace. By providing a safe and loving place for children to learn, we recognize, celebrate, and foster each child's unique personality and the development of their independence, confidence and self-esteem. Through meaningful daily activities children experience a sense of belonging and community. Our carefully crafted emotionally safe environment allows for deeper expression and creative problem solving. Children learn valuable social skills that allow them to connect with others, navigate conflict, and express their point of view. At Hand In Hand we strive to help each child reach their fullest potential while engaging in joyful, social, and meaningful experiences.


Come explore

Our Space

It's a home away from home

Encouraged by the inviting books on display in our library, children read outloud, listen to stories, and explore the books on their own or with others.
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What exciting things happen in

Our Day

It's a busy one!

Our day begins at 8:30 AM when we greet the families at the front gate. We walk the children inside where they can begin playing with blocks, art supplies, puzzles, etc.
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Come meet

Our People

The teachers

Gina has been working with preschool aged children since 1990. She has worked in both mainstream and Montessori preschool classrooms. In 1998 she received her Montessori Certification with the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest after which...
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Quick Facts about

Hand In Hand

Montessori Preschool

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 3:30PM

Scheduling Options:
You may choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 days/week.
We do not offer half day.

Age Range:
3-6 Years of Age
We require that children be potty-trained
before entering our program.

Class size:
12 kids/day
1:6 teacher/child ratio

Head teacher holds an AMS certificate.
Other co-teacher and assistants have training and experience in Montessori classrooms.

Application Process:
Step 1) Come to an open house
Step 2) Schedule an observation
Step 3) Turn in Application & Fee
Acceptance is based on a combination of first come first serve, a balance of girl/boy ratio, age ratio, and days available.