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Opening Activities

8:30 AM

We greet the families at the front gate, and then we walk the children inside where they can begin their day playing with manipulatives, art supplies, puzzles, etc.



9:15 AM

Held inside or outside depending on the weather, these activities help warm up the brain! Some examples of the movement exercises include Yoga, tumbling, balance activities (beam, ball, and body), movement stories, dancing (scarf, freeze, free, etc), magical hoops and hopscotch. Special activity lesson presentations for subjects such as sound, numbers, letters, and color follow the movement exercises.



Classroom Work

9:45 AM

Children select from individual and group hands-on lessons in math, science, language, and other academic & practical studies. Children also learn the work cycle of getting out the materials, doing the work, and then putting the materials away. Snack is available at this time.


Outside Play

11:10 AM

Children enjoy free play in the backyard with the jungle gym, slide, sand box, water table, and other outdoor toys.


Circle Time

11:40 AM

Children review the calendar at this time in both English and Spanish, and then share an indoor group activity learning subject/unit based lessons and social skills with their classmates. During this time, as well as other times, the children often sing and play music on instruments available in the space.



12:00 PM

Students bring their own prepared lunch to school. Special attention is given to those with food allergies and dietary needs. Children transition from lunch to classroom activities.


Inside/Outside Play

12:30 PM

Once everyone has completed their lunch, the children move outside for another play session.



1:15 PM

Reading books with children, we help them build vocabulary, comprehension skills, and conceptual awareness, while connecting their life experiences to those found in books.



1:30 PM

The younger children nap for at least an hour while the older children have a 1/2 hour rest time followed by at least 1/2 hour work session. Snack and classroom or outdoor activities and play follow.


Pick-up Time

3:00 PM

Often children are outside playing at this time when parents begin picking up their children. Parents are free to enter the classroom or outdoor space during this time to visit with other parents and the teachers.


School Closes

3:30 PM




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Our Space

It's a home away from home

Encouraged by the inviting books on display in our library, children read outloud, listen to stories, and explore the books on their own or with others.
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