Come explore

Our Space

It's a home away from home

Check below to become more familiar with our space at Hand In Hand Montessori Preschool.




Browse our books in the


Where children enjoy storytime

Reading is a part of every day as children listen to stories, read outloud and explore books on their own or with others.


Take a moment for yourself in the

Quiet Area

Where children have personal time

This is a place where children can retreat should they find they need quiet time to themselves.


Stimulate your senses at the

Montessori Stations

And participate in hands-on learning

Children work with sensorial materials, puzzles, math activities, language arts, science, geography, etc., to begin their early learning.


Connect and move about in the

Circle Area

Where children come together

The children move, dance, stretch, sing, tumble, and play while building social connections and skills.


Meet our Terrarium Residents:

Bearded Dragon Lizard
Leopard Gecko


Build confidence in your abilities in the

Practical Life Area

And develop your fine motor skills

These real world activities build confidence in a child's ability to complete everyday tasks and help develop their hand-eye coordination.


Make something new in the

Art & Crafts Area

Where children express their creativity

Painting, drawing, coloring, and other arts and crafts projects fill the children with the spirit of creativity and give them a sense of accomplishment.


Get something to eat in the

Food Prep Area

Where children enjoy lunch & snacks

Children enjoy their own lunches and snacks as well as cooking projects in this area.


Play in the

Outdoor Area

Where children enjoy the fresh air

The children enjoy free play in the backyard with the jungle gym, slide, sand box, water table, and other outdoor toys.