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Owner, Co-Director, Teacher

Gina Lauvstad

How Maggie found her way

Gina has been working with preschool aged children since 1990. She has worked in both mainstream and Montessori preschool classrooms. In 1998 she received her Montessori Certification with the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest after which she worked for several years in a traditional Montessori classroom. Gina also spent several years training teachers receiving their Montessori certification. Gina works as owner, co-director, and classroom teacher. Gina enjoys bringing her background in drama to the classroom.





Owner, Co-Director, Teacher

Erik Lauvstad

How Maggie found her way

Erik has been working in Montessori classrooms since 1998. He also went through a Montessori training program and in 2001 he joined Gina in starting Hand In Hand Montessori. He works as owner, co-director, and classroom teacher. He enjoys bringing his experience in literature and art to the classroom.


Gina and Erik are also the parents of two daughters who have been through their Montessori preschool program.


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It's a home away from home

Encouraged by the inviting books on display in our library, children read outloud, listen to stories, and explore the books on their own or with others.
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What exciting things happen in

Our Day

It's a busy one!

Our day begins at 8:30 AM when we greet the families at the front gate. We walk the children inside where they can begin playing with blocks, art supplies, puzzles, etc.
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